Tuition Reimbursement - List of Approved Institutions

  • All of the below institutions are approved for tuition reimbursement and horizontal column movement. 

    If an institution is not listed below, it must be an approved provider under CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation).  For a full listing of CAEP approved providers across the United States, visit .  Click on “Providers” and search for a particular institution.

    成人影片appOnline courses go through an additional level of review to ensure that credits are being offered by the institution – and not a third party provider – and are of appropriate rigor.  For more information, visit .


    Pennsylvania Approved CAEP Providers

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    The Pennsylvania State University

    Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

    California University of Pennsylvania

    成人影片appWidener University

    成人影片appClarion University of Pennsylvania

    成人影片appEast Stroudsburg University

    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    成人影片appIndiana University of Pennsylvania

    成人影片appKutztown University of Pennsylvania

    Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

    Penn State Harrisburg

    Millersville University of Pennsylvania

    Duquesne University

    Marywood University

    成人影片appShippensburg University of Pennsylvania

    成人影片appSlippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

    West Chester University

    Robert Morris University


    NON- CAEP Approved Institutions

    Albright College

    Alvernia University

    成人影片appAmerican Public University

    成人影片appArcadia University

    Cabrini College

    Cairn University

    Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Social Work Only)

    Florida Institute of Technology (Applied Behavior Analysis Only)

    成人影片appHoly Family University

    成人影片appSouthern New Hampshire University

    成人影片appSt. Joseph’s University

    成人影片appUniversity of Pittsburgh

    University of Scranton

    Wilkes University


  • Linda Pelker
    District HR Specialist
    Professional Staff

Tuition Reimbursement

  • The RSD tuition reimbursement form is mandatory when applying for tuition reimbursement.  Additional forms, required by a university, do not grant you entrance into the RSD tuition reimbursement program. This form is for courses taken between September 1st and August 31st成人影片app of each academic year.

    Pre-approval is required. Before enrolling in the class, submit the completed tuition reimbursement form, along with a copy of the course description, to the Human Resources Department.  A copy of the tuition reimbursement form will be returned showing whether your request is approved or denied.  You may then enroll in the class.

    After completing the course, send a grade report and receipt showing you made payment/partial payment towards the class.  Deadline to submit documents is November 15.

    成人影片appThe maximum reimbursement is $450.00 per credit and the maximum number of credits per academic year is nine (9).

    Note:  The actual amount to be paid is contingent upon the total requests received from the bargaining unit.  Reimbursement will not be paid for courses that were not pre-approved by the Director of Human Resources or failure to submit all completed paperwork by the deadline.成人影片app  If the employee leaves the school district within one (1) year after issuance of the tuition reimbursement check, he/she must reimburse the employer within ninety (90) days of his/her resignation.  The last paycheck issued to the employee shall be retained by the RSD toward the reimbursement.

    Please refer to your CBA for more information.