Department Overview

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    成人影片appThe Facilities Department is responsible for the cleanliness, operation, protection, and preservation of the buildings, grounds, and other facilities that make up the Reading School District.  The Division plays an important role in the educational process.  We should constantly work to utilize our resources in the most efficient manner, while providing an environment that is clean and safe.

    成人影片appThe mission of this department is simple: To provide the highest quality of service to the District buildings by continuing to improve the quality of our facilities.  To provide our customers (students, staff, and community) with the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and ongoing maintenance as possible, so as to enhance the learning experience of our clients.

    成人影片appThe “face” our schools show to teachers, students and visitors depends upon the work we do.  Many visitors will receive their entire impression of the schools from the standards of cleanliness and orderliness maintained by the custodial staff.  More importantly, the effectiveness of the educational program depends largely upon safe, orderly surroundings that allow students and teachers to concentrate on their work. This department is a professional team whose difficult job it is to achieve the highest possible standards of cleanliness and maintenance with limited resources.  We must take a professional attitude that will result in a high level of productivity and efficiency. This department must have the highest levels of job knowledge, must be dependable, and have a positive attitude with good work initiative.

Facilities Rental

  • Reading School District is now using SchoolDude for facility rental requests. Please review our Facility Usage policy and follow the below links to make a request.

    For Staff Members
    If you are a Reading School District employee, please fill out this  to request a facility, building or space. Plus: Click here to review a helpful guide on how to access and submit the form. Or to watch the helpful guide video.

    For Community Members
    If you are a community member or organization, please fill out this  to request a facility, building or space. Plus: Click here to review a helpful guide on how to access and submit the form. Or to watch the helpful guide video.

    Contact the Facilities Department at 610-921-4900. 


  • Vacant
    Facilities Director


  • Steve Franco
    Assistant Facilities Director

    Dennis Campbell
    Acting Facilities Specialist

    Marcie Promutico
    Construction Support

    Carmen Long
    Facilities Clerk

    Suzanne Conrad
    Facilities Clerk

Report an Issue

  • 成人影片appIf you need something done or repaired in a building, visit your school/building main office. The clerk will show you how to submit a complete work order and have it put into the system.