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Feel The Rhythm

Parent Outreach Assistant Onerys Encarnacion is using music and traditional Spanish dance as a way to connect with students and families at Tyson-Schoener Elementary. Through her new Latin Dance Club, students are learning about their culture, developing partnership skills and gaining confidence.

Encarnacion choreographs the dances for the 16 club members, and she makes their elaborate outfits by hand. She crafted the girls’ flowing skirts out of sheets. “This was something that I wanted to do for my Tyson kids,” she says. 
成人影片appThe club members, who practice after school, recently performed for their parents, and they will next perform during the school’s winter concert on December 18, says Assistant Principal Samantha Frees.

“The students are really enjoying the program and learning about traditional Spanish dances and customs,” Frees says. “The students are always laughing and smiling and know that they must work hard in school to continue to be in the dance club.”

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